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Sponsor: - Christianity & civil disobedience. Music by How to buy an ad martin luther king ron paul jr. selma alabama birmingham new hampshire, civil dis arress marijuana bad laws bible thumpers jesus freaks calvary died on the cross new testament. cannabis nashua 420 free state project the cop block. dave ridley report mahatma gandhi mk staters. yelling mobs crowds angry ridleyreport cops christian terrorists police persecution of believers evangelicals violence jesus god holy spirit, brutality trinity. liberty beaten to death by officers shot for not having bus ticket nh libertarian live free or die christianity christians From - I recently contacted Chris Lopez, a central NH free stater seriously injured in a deck collapse. She's either temporarily or permanently paralyzed from about the waist down, depending on what her nerves decide to do. I asked her what folks can do that is most helpful. Here's her response and a list of action items from others: