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PLL Clip "Save the Date": - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!Welcome back to ClevverTV and your top Pretty Little Liars hook-up. I'm your fellow fan Joslyn Davis coming to you from our headquarters with 411 on the latest man-candy return to the lovely town of Rosewood. In a new twist, it seems as though season 2 hasn't seen the last of Wren. As viewers already know, Wren made a return earlier in the season giving pain killers to Melissa for Ian, who later turned up dead. And now, thanks to our friends over at ABC Family, we've got a look at a sneak peek for episode 8, which is called "Save the Date," and guess what guys, Wren is back, and this time around he's giving off a very creepy new vibe. We see him stop by the Hastings house with a plant for Melissa, and he ends up getting into a conversation with the only person there -- Spencer. Wren reveals that when he'd been engaged to Melissa he had applied to work at Rosewood Community hospital and it finally came through, which means Wren will be living in Rosewood. HE seems a bit too interested in getting Spencer alone even offering to drive her school and take her to coffee. In fact, Wren is so persistent that, Spencer has to remind him that she has a boyfriend. We're not really sure where exactly Wren's reappearance on the show is -- but you better believe we'll be watching every episode to get some answers. If you want to check out the new sneak peek to this episode, click to the link below to our ClevverTV blog. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube for non-stop updates just like this one! I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood and I'll see you next time!