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Welcome to another Edition of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day. I thank you for returning. If it is your first visit, please check out our past Episodes. There is so much useful stuff there for your learning experience. Today, we look at how to say Near or Close to something in Tagalog/Filipino. Your walking down the street with your friend(who is in a new area to him) he asks where are we. You can respond with"Malapit Na Akong Umuwi. This means Near My Home. Malapit means "Close" Malapit na also means "Close,Near or To The Point Of". Akong as we have learned in Past lessons means "I". While Umuwi means"Go Home,or Return". So all together, Malapit na Akong Umuwi Means "Near My Hone". There you have ,yet another useful word and Phrase you can use every day.Study this,and revisit as often as you need to each lesson,till you commit these lessons to memory. Thank you for visiting , and Please leave comments(good or otherwise). I will see you at the next Lesson. Paalam.