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This is NOT a right wing or left wing rant. It deals with human perception, the identification with power - powers which at some level are respected and completely mainstream. During the Milgram experiment, the participants agreed to participate, because they viewed science as something overall positive and benefiting humanity. Most participants had deep moral objections, once they perceived, that their subjects were experiencing pain. Yet, 62 % of participants agreed to continue, because they TRUSTED the authority figure, in this case, a scientist, because they believed that the experiment itself, would either be for the greater good of human kind, or simply because they were afraid to challenge ANY authority figure, period. In other, later, experiments, religious dogma was perceived as the overall good, with almost equal results. But the question remains, how far are YOU willing to FOLLOW anything, even though you experience grave reservations and doubts about what you are ACTUALLY doing? Situations in REAL life are far more complex than this series of experiments, and oftentimes do not involve such extremes. But it is very important questions to ask far would you go to defend your belief system? Would you kill others to make it happen? Or would you simply stay on the sidelines, letting others to do the killing for you? Are you REALLY acting in self-defense? or it is just a perceived threat, drummed into you by the corporate media elite, so that you ...