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Download link here: of the bland WiFi battle Background and Pads the Pokemon sit on? Fret no further! Inspired by the HGSS aesthetic code (that does the same thing as this), you can spruce up your videos you upload to YouTube with a simple AR Code.Code (Press Select before you press Play):94000130 FFFB0000B2000024 000000000004FD78 000000XX0004FD7C 000000YYD2000000 00000000This code will work on Black and White (U/E).Optional Code (Select):94000130 FFFB00002226B090 0000004BD2000000 00000000This code will brighten up certain combinations that may appear too dark with certain videos.XX,YY05,04 - Darkness08,04 - At Sea07,01 - Dirty Afternoon12,0E - Battle Competition06,0F - Steel11,0E - Sandy Night01,0C - Beach0A,0C - Blue Mars06,05 - Green Green Green05,0E - Light in the Dark0C,0E - Underwater0D,0E - Magma0E,0E - Dark Sand0F,0E - Gothic CircusGot some good combinations? Feel free to post them!Music by drpez12, check him out for great covers!Song: Johto Trainer Battle Metal Guitar Cover