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Welcome back to another Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day. Today,we have a most interesting word or phrase for you. This Phrase is Bagsak Presyo. Bagsak Presyo means Price Impact of Price Pressure. You can also say Bagsak Price,which Translates to mean Price Smash. I was talking with a girl the other day in the Philippines who owns a little fruit and vegetable stand in the Philippines,and she told me they have this over supply of most of her products. This was causing this Bagsak Presyo on her Prices.She is not getting the normal prices that she would expect,due to this over supply. So there we have an unusual and useful word for today.Until the next episode, please remember to leave comments,suggestions or anything else you would like to. Hit the like button and subscribe buttons, and I will see you for the next Lesson. Paalam!!!