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Lawyers and Equal Money. Obviously within an equal system the whole fraternity called lawyers in all its various manifestations will come to an end as their will be no need/requirement to for defending rights as all rights are equal. (Interview by Bernard Poolman) Join the Desteni Forum for discussions. Desteni I Process is a Life-Style concept that is simply "Achieving financial freedom slowly but surely". We provide coaching/mentoring and products to help people attain financial freedom and live a better life. See also the launch of Equal Money System The Book and make sure you get your copy of the blueprint for a new world at http Visit the forum at Share your possession experience Featured Art Work by Sylvie Jacobs Facebook: Youtube: Blog: Intro song by Fidelis Spies of Robot Virgins: Lawyers law ordr fraternity defend rights equal-rights psychologists protect society disease mind custodians correction abuse life debate benefit-all corrective-application group functional possessed entity personalities vampires energy physical equality-system Love-thy-neighbour freedom change free equality equal-money-system desteni-i-process equal-money-system desteniproductions