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This store has been here for a long time and is right at the intersection of the two principle streets of Saint-Denis: Rue de La République and Rue Gabriel-Péri. It's rare to find such an "everything" store anymore, and expect to pay WAY less here than you would in Paris proper.To get here, take the 13 métro to "Saint-Denis Basilique." Go to the basilica and stand in front of it, and that street you see stretching out before you with another huge church ("La Nouvelle Eglise," cuz it's only a few hundred years old and not a thousand!) is Rue de La République. Just check the store hours for BLERET before you visit. Many businesses still close for lunch in France, and most mom 'n' pop stores close for a day each week.If you feel up to the Marché de Saint-Denis, come visit on a Tuesday, Friday or Sunday morning. I highly recommend Mass in the Basilica at 10 am Sundays. Nobody does church like the French! If you come for the market, arguably the biggest and best in all Europe, bring a knapsack and shopping bags for the great stuff you'll find. Notions, clothing, fabric, food, jewelry, perfume, makeup, you name it. The best baker in town, Mme Bouradan, an aged harpy who will bite your head off if you don't have exact change or are tongue-tied, runs a concession in the market (her son's shop is roughly across the street from BLERET, also) (closed Wednesdays). The lines are often 40 to 50 people long, and they run out of bread quickly. You've been advised. That's how good the bread is.If you are just visiting and don't have a place to cook, you can buy spices and ready-made food, souvenirs, all kinds of stuff. Way cheaper than in Paris, which is just to the South of here.