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I love this song, so I wanted to make an AMV to it. I probably wont be able to make another amv until I get back from my trip. The trip I made several days ago, I managed to finish Brotherhood, because I didnt finish it. Anyyway..welcome to my life! My next amv will be a couple amv, including: EdwardXWinry/EdWin, SasuSaku, TaigaXRyuuji. It will mostly of EdWIn/EdwardXWinry though. The song is a suprise ;). It will probably be until next summer I will get to use Sony Vegas, During school I wont have time to make any, most likely (if) I make any during school it will be on the weekends. I also have dance so that pushes them back even more. Yuh might not here of me after this next amv for awhile, but I will be doing videos on my other channel with my friends sometimes, but my amvz will be limited when school starts..sorry :(Other channel: tadashiandyokoSong: Welcome to my life by Simple planAnime: Shugo Chara, OHSHC, FMA, FMAB, Toradora!, Code Geass, Soul EaterLast AMV: