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or - VEG THE DIET OF MEDICAL DOCTORSCarter M.D.(m)The only individual action, which is a no-brainer and we all ought to be doing it, is just to stop eating meat.McDougall M.D.(m)if you make this kind of profound change, you should expect profound changes in your physical appearance, your activity levels, and the way you appear as far as age is concerned.Roba M.D.(m)Once you become vegan, your mind clears up and your spirit clears up. All that karmic, negative energy of being involved eating dead animals clears out of your systemKlaper M.D.(m)I realized that an animal-based diet was not a healthful thing no matter what I had learned in school and our farm growing up.Milton Mills, M.D.(m)our bodies are not designed to handle animal foodsMontgomery M.D.(m)One patient, she was wheeled into the office and exam room by her husband, and she'd had quadruple bypass (heart) surgery. She'd had a stent placed in one of the arteries subsequent to surgery, she was on 21 medications, had a history of diabetes, she was on insulin, she had arthritis, (and) she was on an oxygen tank. (She) was just discharged from the hospital; she'd had some bladder infection and some other issues.Neal Barnard M.D.(m)Our research shows several benefits of a vegan diet. Very gradually, very gently, your blood sugar starts coming down. Your weight comes down as well. Blood cholesterol comes down as well, very impressively and blood pressure comes down as well. Your digestion is better, so a person who has had chronic constipation, that's usually fixed in about 24 to 48 hours. It's that quick!Montgomery M.D.(m)They came back in 10 days. She was walking, talking, laughing, no wheelchair, no oxygen, etc.Alexander Dargatz, MD - Child psychiatrist; World champion bodybuilder (Germany), VeganAnteneh Roba, MD - Ethiopian emergency medicine doctor; Co-founder and president, International Fund for Africa (USA), VeganArno Schneider, MD - Orthomolecular doctor (Germany), VegetarianBaxter Montgomery, MD -- Cardiologist, founder and president of Houston Cardiac Association and Wellness Center (USA), VeganCaldwell Esselstyn, MD - Internationally renowned surgeon and author (USA), VeganDavid Ryde, MD - General practice doctor, Medical adviser to British Olympics Team (United Kingdom), VeganErnst W. Henrich, MD - Medical doctor and naturopath (Germany), VeganGholamali Beski, MD - Esteemed physician, surgeon, gynecologist, environmentalist (Iran), VeganHans-Günter Kugler, MD - Orthomolecular doctor (Germany), VegetarianHwang Seong-Soo, MD - Acclaimed neurosurgeon (South Korea), VeganJohn McDougall, MD - Internal medicine doctor, Bestselling author, nutrition expert (USA), VegetarianJosé Luis Pérez Albela, MD -- Medical Surgeon, founder and director of Institute Bien de Salud (Perú), VegetarianLeila Masson, MD - Pediatrician (New Zealand), VeganLuciana Baroni, MD - Neurologist, geriatrician and gerontologist (Italy), VegetarianMei Hsiang-yang, DMD -- Dentist; Founder of the Long Chain Against Cancer Program (Formosa/Taiwan), VegetarianMichael Greger, MD - Physician, international speaker, author (USA), VeganMichael Klaper, MD - Physician, nutrition expert, lecturer, author (USA), VeganMichela De Petris, MD - Surgeon and food science specialist (Italy), VegetarianMilton Mills, MD - Internal medicine doctor and national speaker (USA), VegetarianNeal Barnard, MD - Clinical researcher, author; Founding president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; President of The Cancer Project (USA), VeganPedro Silva Jaramillo, MD - Internal medicine physician, neurologist (Chile), VegetarianPeter Carter, MD - Family physician; Founding director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (Canada), VeganRabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD - Internationally known physician, nutritionist, author (USA), VeganThomas Nocuń, MD - Internal medicine doctor, Women's health specialist and author (Poland), VegetarianUmberto Veronesi, MD - Internationally renowned surgeon and oncologist; former Italian Minister of Health (Italy), VegetarianWichai Ekataksin, MD - Tropical medicine faculty, Mahidol University (Thailand), VegetarianZareen Patel, MD - Clinical geneticist (India), VegetarianZarin Azar, MD - Iranian gastroenterologist, Kaiser Permanente (USA), Raw VeganHuang Chien-Hsun, MD - Director of Hospice Ward, National Taiwan University Hospital (Formosa/Taiwan) Jérôme Bernard-Pellet, MD -- Physician and Co-Founder of APSARES (France)They are some of the countless noble examples of compassion and wisdom.Dr Greger. M.D.(m)To prevent... both prevent and treat diabetes, the best thing we can do is move very rapidly to a vegan dietNeal Barnard, M.D.(m)There was a man who came in