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In this Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day, we take another word or phrase from the internet, which is Drenched in Rain To say drenched in rain in Tagalog,you say Basang-Basa sa Ulan. Basang comes from the root word Basa,which means wet,wetting or to be wet.Sa translates to the english wors in and Ulan translates to Rain. There you have another easy to learn Phrase you can use in The Philippines, and just might be using a lot if you visit at the right time of Year. Do not forget to subscribe and like this lesson. Until the next lesson Paalam. Follow me on Twitter,Blip TV, You Tube,Veoh or even on Buzznet. I am also now on Google Buzz,nad Google reader. Easy to find me,hard to forget.