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PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING!! VITAL PLOT THINGS AND SPOILER WARNINGS.Spoilers for all seasons and episodes of Supernatural to date. The story, however, is fully AU.This is a clip for my darling Aeon, the Jared to my Jensen, the Sam to my Dean.You once told me you were running with me, I'll never forget that.Holy shit what is this angst?? Yea. First Dean/Cas video in almost a year and it's this. Basically I got the idea after listening to After the Storm a few more times than is healthy for a normal human being. The idea is simple enough: at the end of Swan Song, Cas did not get Sam from hell.He couldn't do it with the powers he had. He never stopped watching out for Dean though, making sure he was ok. And Dean wasn't. One day Crowley offered Cas a chance to get Sam out for Dean, a deal, but he refused, partially for selfish reasons and in part because he believed Dean would get better. He didn't. Cas goes to Raphael for advice, and the other tells him to open the door to hell himself. Cas tries and fails, nearly killing himself in the process. He then seeks out Death for help, but Death refuses. Cas holds out a while more, hoping Dean will get better, happier, but he doesn't. Finally, he returns to Crowley and takes him up on the offer. He opens the door to Purgatory and......that's where you can use your imagination. Maybe that's where the whole season starts from scratch, with Sam out of hell but soulless, maybe it goes its own way, who knows. Important thing is Cas gave everything for Dean because he loved him.||For y'all who aren't slash fans, this isn't actually a slash video. Love like this exists between family and -- if you're very lucky -- friends as well.||Footage: Supernatural, all seasonsMusic: After the Storm - Mumford & SonsPrograms used: Sony Vegas 8.0, Audacity 1.3, Photoshop CS5Time taken: 6.5 hours||Tumblr = =!/WhiskeyandspiteWebsite =