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In which hank sings a song about Scuzzy Kizoozle Curl, the Homicidal Squirrel.Sorry for my crappy irish accentThere's a lot of ways to dieunder ireland's skyBut the worst way by far might be a bit of a surpriseI'd rather be knifed in baror hit by a carthan to meet my end lookin' in to her eyesand hear the criesof my demisemy last goodbyes C F F Cwell she's a six ounce ball of blood muscle and fur C G Cand she's the evilest thing, in all of the world C F F Cand you better start running if you ever see her C F G Cshe's scuzzykizoozle curl, the homicidal squirrel C FHer teeth sank into my arm andC G everything but pain was gone and IC F looked down at C Gher blood-stained fangsC F she looked into my eyes andC G the fear was paralyzin IC F felt the blood C Grunning from my veinsCand oh the painand oh the painand on the painI was at the county fairand scuzzy kizoozle was thereshe was slicing through the crowd like a mower mowing lawnsI watched the people fallto her razor sharp clawsand then she was in my face before I knew what was goin' on!I raised my armand tried to runbut I was stunned!I'm only alive todayby god's graceI'm the only man who's met with her and lived to tell the taleBut I keep my eyes wideshe will never be deniedUntil the day I die she'll be there on my trailo'er hill and dalethrough rain and hailshe will prevail