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Welcome back to another Episode of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the day. Today we learn how to say big in Tagalog. Big in Tagalog is Malaki. How about if we turn this word into a phrase you can use. Nakita lamang I malaki paa will translate to means, I just Saw Big Foot. Nakit means Just,while Lamang translates to mean Just or only, and Malakit as we discussed earlier means Big or Great. So, Literally, Nakita lamang I malaki paa translates to mean Saw just I Mig Foot, but actually means I just Saw Big Foot. There you have it, another useful word or Phrase you can use everyday. Please subscribe if you have not already done so,,I would Appreciate it a lot . If your new, I have tons of useful lessons there for you,so check those out. You can catch all our past lessons on Blipt TV.,You Tube,or twitter,or even on face-book,so follow me on twitter.