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Leave a Like if you are an objective playing BEAST!Joined in this game with Mas, Had some very strong players and fellow youtubers on the enemy team! Which made the game hella fun! and freaking tough! But we managed to hold them back.Games like these where the enemy team arent gustav spamming asshats, are actually really enjoyable whether our team loses or not!FAQ- The gameplay isnt fast forwarded, only the parts where i respawn are- yes i edit motion blur into the video- The song is Periphery-- Jetpacks Was Yes!- My FOV is set to 100 (i know its high, but i love it)- I play in 1080p, record with fraps half size and upscale to 720p- My PC specs are:CPU: intel i5 2500k running at 4.4ghzCM hyper 212+ coolerMotherboard: Asrock P67 Pro3Ram: Corsair ddr3 4gb 1333mhzGFX: Msi Nvideo GTX560 ti Twin Frozr II OCHarddrive: 2X Seagate Sata 3 1tb 7200rpm harddrives in a RAID 0Coolermaster extreme plus 650w PSUAntec 300 caseCrappy logitech keyboard and Dell mouseBenQ M2700hd monitor