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Information about the origins of thr Trail of Kindness (Copy and Paste accordingly into YOUR description box for your Trail of Kindness TAG)WHAT IT IS (in your words):-Way to show the power of kind words and how strong they can be-Strengthen Positive community-Way to encourage each other with kindness and positivity-Brighten a friends day-Positive words can leave a trail that can be traced back but also continues to move forward and engage and connect with othersWHAT IT IS NOT (in your words):-Superficial-About becoming popular-Way to get more subs-DramaHOW IT WORKS:1) If you are the person that I choose to shower with positivity, kind words, encouragement then you will encouraged to pay this kindness forward2) You make a video explaining "What this tag is" and "What this tag is not"3) You pick your person you want to "shower" with kindness4) You talk about your chosen person and what you admire about them, why they inspire you, give them words of encouragement, kindness, positivity5) Then you encourage that person to continue the Trail of Kindness Tag and choose someone to "pay it forward" to with positive words.6) You can list in the description box who chose you and also who you choose. That way we can easily follow the trail forward and back =)7) Make sure you copy everything in MY description box that explains this tag and paste it into YOUR description box.P.S. If you feel like starting your own trail of kindness and you were not the person chosen on this video then I encourage you to go ahead and start your own trail :)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------­---Follow the Trail (please update as it moves forward):dhatje - DominicDFWM091 - Darren's trail of kindness video