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click here to listen.New couch,Dumb move by Netflix,Kids do strange things,Some comments we recieve about being child free by choice,The earliest digital cameras,Casey Anthony, we weigh in on the verdict,What does 350 percent mean to you,Sharks may become extinct,It's been hotter,and much more,links mentioned,Wale WarsMissing child Kyron KormonSharks dissapearing,Podcasts mentionedThe Maggie and Laura Show,Dawn and drew,Darin DeShong, (his flickr page as he does not podcast anymore,Bands mentioned,Rasputina.send us an mp3 comment or a typed comment at

[[ with Zman and Littleflurry, what happens when 2 creatively outspoken liberals try to find their way in an uptight ultra-conservative town located in rural IL. Think small town with a church every other block meets George Carlin but with more jokes. This podcast is for mature audiences and shouldn't be considered worksafe. Unless you work at a whorehouse or you have a good set of headphones. Listen to us rant and be a part of our show by calling us at 1-206-203-FUNO]