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So I'm getting used to all this technology..tI edited the begining out so that's why I say I think I already said that... haha sorry. but it's better than before! Well the quality is... hahaha*oh and I made my sister go away because she just found out about my new channel. Lol so I was kind of embarrassed. *Also, sorry if I talk really slow.... I usually talk really fast but this was seriously like my 20th take, my webcam had a malfunction so I'll be using my sisters flip now :)This is a get to know me tag because I am new here on you tube, hope you enjoy!1. Name?2. What inspired your you tube name?3. Greatest silliest fear?4.Who inspired you to create videos for you tube?5. What did you want to be when you were younger?6. Favorite way to relax when you are mad?7. Favorite Animal?8. Where would you first donate?9. What are you doing this summer?10. Any pets? Names?11. Natural hair?12. Last birthday?13. Instruments?14. Sports?15. What grade?16. How are your grades?17. Biggest insecurity?Kind of random order, but have fun! Post this as a video response or send me a link JAnyway people mentioned:Elle:Allthatglitters21EllesglittergossipBlair:Juicystar07Otherjuicystar07