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I saw in another context a video from someone urging that things must be defined in this world, like 'love', 'freedom', 'hate' etc. The video was pretty cool generally, he said eg. that can we go for 'love' if it includes love of pedophilia? Another example was: What about hating the rapist?To this point I'd like to respond: Because as long as we hate, we are separating ourselves from the point and are not allowing ourselves to see & understand how this point was created and how Everyone in this world is 'involved' in it, and thus all equally responsible. Further, by hating, we are not allowing ourselves to realize that abuse was created through abuse, and thus what we must look at is what keeps the cycles going and how we can stop the cycles -- stop abuse, in all ways.So Hate/Hating/Haters -- is not something acceptable, justifiable, excusable; it is a 'state of mind' that can become a 'possession', not allowing actual self-responsibility. As long as one hates, one cannot consider Equality, and how to actually solve the problem at the core, once and for All.I understand where the person is coming from (I'll place the link here) -- though I wanted to clarify why Hate is not 'okay', regardless what/who it is directed to.Generally, as a response to Haters, I see that Haters are trapped in POWER-GAMES.Through the AntiHate research and through studying the application of 'haters' (which is in fact an application we are all educated by/with, through our families, siblings, schools, media etc) - I looked at the construct of 'power' as it exists in this world and we allow ourselves to participate in:When a person looks at others and the world in terms of 'power', any perceived 'power' will be seen as a 'threat' - this is only showing that a person is obsessed by ideas of 'power' and has trapped itself within the polarity construct of 'superiority'-'inferiority'.This can also been seen as the polarity construct of 'fear' & the 'desire for power'.Clearly, this is not the 'realm' within and as which life is here.Life is life - life is equal. life not about 'power'.So the question for self to ask self is:what am I fearing?what do I fear losing?what do I perceive as power?what am I fighting for?what would mean to 'win'?what would mean to 'lose'?Already through posing these questions, a person that has worked with the tools of self-honesty is able to see: none of that is real.So the next question would be:Why am I preoccupying myself fighting against invisible enemies like Don Quixote - instead of grounding myself here with what is real; instead of working on discovering what it is that actually matters, here, in/as this one reality we all share.Many 'expressions' in/of this world are unacceptable: rape, mutilation, animals skinned alive, and the list is long. Much of the abuse going on in this world is accepted and allowed or even 'justified' on the grounds of 'free expression' or 'tradition' or 'honor' or 'religion', when in fact it is only about exerting power onto others to feel 'better', 'stronger', 'more', 'righteous'.Clearly, real freedom as life cannot be the freedom to harm, cannot be the freedom to abuse.Thus, people! Careful when one is (mis)using the mind to justify the 'right' to abuse and the 'right' to be 'free' of the 'group' that is life:One is excluding oneself from life, excluding oneself from oneself as life; and if one does not snap-out of such a state of 'mind-possession' and self-realize what one is actually busy doing or demanding, self-realize what one has become and in humility self-forgive and direct oneself to change: one is in fact abdicating oneself, one is abdicating life.At Desteni, 'self' is seen within a context. The context is life, as who we all really are.When this 'context' is disregarded, the abuse and atrocity that results is unimaginable, as is evident in this world by far.Within the context of life, life is the 'most', the 'highest' one can be.To attempt to be 'more than' life only comes from ego and self-interest and is in essence self-delusion, self-abuse.That is why we stand for individuality as self-willed equals.Equality is the key to life, it is the key to actual power.Investigate the Equal Money System proposal at and learn what it Equality & Oneness of Life practically entails at yourself to Stop all Hate and all War at http://desteniIprocess.comART by Ann van den Broeck