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I hope you like it. Some of the shufflers in this video already stopped shuffling I think. So go tell them to restart. The world needs more shuffle girls, ESPECIALLY CANADA. If you're not in this video but I promised you, then you'll be in part 2 or 3. Higher priority is given to videos in higher quality like HD quality. I downloaded like 70+ videos so there's like 90+ shufflers to choose from. I'm downloading more still. I need more girls from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philipines, Russia, Sweden. I have so many from USA already. Are there any in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam?????? My computer slowed down A LOT so I didnt make it longer. The world compilations crashed my computer so many times because the pc had to store so many videos in the project at once. Songs: Gostosa - Sutra Reda - Я не буду ждать тебя