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Codes will be placed randomly in the description as well as sent to people who leave comments.NOTE: I am not posting cdkeys all at once. It will be throughout the day.HOW TO REDEEM:Visit the instructions there. If it asks you to set up an account it might be a good idea to claim keys before someone else does!CDKEYS:1) XO6J4WM3 Added: 2:10 PM PST2) K3KOW5V6 2:20 PM3) Sent to YouTube commenter: bmiguel90 2:30 PM4) XOAOPNDS 2:35 PM5) 5A42SSXE 3:00 PM6) S7K6QTJX 3:00 PM7) CNVM4NXM 3:25 PM8) Sent to YouTube commenter: DiceSlizer 3:30 PM9) Sent to YouTube commenter: themadmathematician3 3:35 PM10) DCKXKQSJ 4:05 PM11) OMOV6VM6 4:30 PM12) Sent to YouTube Commenter: DavetzWin 4:35 PM13) CDKEY STORM JQVYWVQO 4:40 PM14) A7CDJI4X 4:40 PM15) ODCMK7G7 4:40 PM16) 4G7CK4SN 4:40 PM17) Sent to YouTube Commenter: cody10ha 5:00 PM18) Sent to YouTube Commenter: tindreal 5:10 PM19) Sent to YouTuber Sarklumpen 5:10 PM20) GMT36676 (5:10 PM)21) CDKEY STORM QD5J22IC 5:30 PM22) N44CCYXD 5:30 PM23) COAWJ2T4 5:30 PM24) 5NYPNSD6 5:30 PM25) GCPQ6NGC 5:30 PM26) Hidden in a random comment I made 5:32 PM27) MSPVQSYN 5:50 PM28) MVMV6AY7 (this one is backwards) 5:50 PMBACK FROM DINNER!29) DDKIG6PC 6:45 PM30) Sent to Youtuber pie977 6:50 PM31) QVDQEV66 7:20 PM32) JYKQQ2TM 7:20 PM33) 5AJYG7MK 8:30 PM34) QG7IVWJP 8:30 PM35) Sent to YouTuber Killery96 9:00 PM36) Sent to YouTuber cgallarno 9:05 PM37) Sent to YouTuber rsHennessy 9:10 PM38) IM BAAAAAACK! SN2CCG5A 1:25 AM39) D5QONGN2 1:25 AM40) 4XIS4X6A 1:25 AM41) 6MO3TQDE 5:35 PM42) 5C62COJK 5:30 PMFOLLOW NVIDIA: