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Happy Thanksgiving! I share a bunch of resources and inspirations for which I’m thankful. This is almost a “how I podcast” episode, but not quite.

In full honesty, some of the following links are affiliate links. Purchasing these products will financially benefit Network. However, this list was generated on personal preference and experience, before even considering any potential affiliate income. This list is truly honest.

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Podcasters who have inspired meLeo Laporte and TWiT podcast and Matthew Jordan‘s You Suck at Web Design podcast (podfaded)Cali Lewis and podcast (retired)Cliff Ravenscraft and GSPN.tvJames Kennison and Nobody’s Listening podcastErik Fisher and WBR Show (previously a comedy podcast, now WellnessBreak Radio)Podcasting equipment I’m thankful forHeil Sound PL-2T overhead broadcast boom ($120, | shockmount ($30–$100, selection from or search H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder ($299)Dell UltraSharp 24″ LCD monitor ($556)Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX ($83)Websites or web technologies that help me podcastWordPressPowerPress WordPress plugin and Blubrry Podcast Stats (both free and neither requires the other)Twitter (via TweetDeck)DropBox and Mozy (10% off and up to three months free with promo code NOVEMBER)Google ReaderSite5 web hostingPodcasting software I’m thankful forTextExpander (OS X, $34.95) / PhraseExpress (Windows, free for personal)Audacity (Windows and OS X, free) and Chris’s Dynamic CompressorPodProducer (Windows, free) / Soundbooth 2.0 (OS X, $49)CamTwist (OS X, free) / ManyCam (Windows and OS X, free)Code Weavers Crossover Mac (OS X, $54.95) / Parallels Desktop 6 (OS X, $62.98)What you’re thankful for

David: I’m a big SciFi fan so i like Starship Sofa and Escape Pod. They have great stories and very good editorials. Starship Sofa even won a Hugo this year. Mainly I like to listen on my way to work during the commute which is about 40 minutes. What’s cool is that’s about the length of a lot of podcasts.

I like your Audacity to Podcast because it focuses on mainly on a single subkect rather that trying to cover to many products. I like more in depth types of subjects.

Dave Thackeray: The Zoom H4n. Love it. I could probably go on the road with this dude and need nothing else. Apart from a voice and PC!

Vickie: Kodak Zi8 mini HD camcorder. Amazing quality in the palm of my hand. Skype for video chatting with my 70-year-old parents in Florida.

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