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Kirk's live internet and cable tv broadcast now boasts an international following...with over 9 million viewers a week...Kirk is a mystic - shaman - "Healer" poet - author and filmaker...Kirk assures us that our conection to the "Divine" is always there and is enhanced by the ancient practice of "Contemplation" and Meditation...Kirk has been called: A "New-Age Sage..." A "Cyber-Messiah" and the "Techno-Avatar" for our time...Tune in for Live call in Every Monday evening @ 11:30Pm eastern time...on Manhattan cable tv ch 57 - or live stream internet ch 57 11:30pm as well...or watch kirktv 24 hours a day...on the Youtube - or Google search: "KirkTV", "kirk tv" for the most mystical, spiritual, metaphysical and magical half hour of psychic/spiritual mystical tv...Everything is discusssed...from UFOs to 2012, Jesus as master/healer, Inter-faiths and beliefs, time travel, The Secret, The power of Now, aliens, conspiracy theories - ALL alternative realties and more... multi-dimensional healing - hindu - alchemy - pure foods and herbal medicine to name a few...add to the list...Kirktv is always "Dogma Free" and thats the Truth... Although the world may be full of darkness and lies...Kirk works hard to find the simple truths of the realties and the world we live and share... namaste-shakti! I love you... kirktv