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For over 20 years, Melana Plains has assisted many people from all walks of life in overcoming their fears and has helped them learn how to love themselves ~ body, mind and spirit.

As a ‘voice’ for the organic evolution of our human expression, she has committed her life to sharing the powerful, healing truth of loving yourself with the world.

A lover of love, Melana is driven and destined to understand everything and all things related to this powerful and magnificent energy called love. Melana says, “I love human beings more than I can bear most times, and yet, it is that very love that touches my heart and moves my feet to continue on this path of healing and sharing love with the world.”

A spiritual leader and ‘keeper of the flame’ for The Path: A Journey Into the Light, a belief system and structure that teaches and supports the truth about love, from self-love to unconditional love for all human beings, Melana is dedicated to helping people understand how loving their body impacts their total health, mind, body and spirit.

Loving yourself will definitely give your entire life a brand new meaning and set your feet on a path which will open new doors and provide more opportunities for you to grow.

Tune in an be inspired by her insightful and heartfelt interview.