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In Episode 80 of the CriterionCast, Moises Chiullan is joined by Tyler Smith and David Bax from Battleship Pretension to discuss David Mamet’s House Of Games and Homicide. They also discuss the week’s Criterion Collection related news, and new releases.

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Next week on the podcast we’ll be covering Robert Epstein and Richard Schmiechen’s The Times Of Harvey Milk.


00:00 – 00:30 – Sneak Previews, Fatboy Roberts

00:30 – 09:53 – Introductions


10:00 – 25:00 –NYTimes / August Criterion Titles, Slacker 2.0, Paramount Summer Series, etc.

Criterion Collection New Release Discussion:

25:00 – 29:02 – Criterion Collection New Releases – Something Wild, Fat Girl

Main Discussion:

29:03 – 31:29 – Trailers

31:30 – 2:24:10 – House Of Games / Homicide discussion

Wrap Up:

2:24:11 – 2:27:24 – Credits

2:27:24 – 2:27:54 – Meatlocker – Fatboy Roberts