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Steele’s menacing foe was a deranged but brilliant madman known only as Chameleon. Steele had never read The Art of War but was familiar with the phrase “know your enemy.” It was a painstaking process for Steele as his most ruthless foe expanded their mental chessboard from the streets of Philadelphia to the world. Chameleon racked up the body count as Steele tracked him to four countries and attempted to get inside the mind of this deranged psycho. The who, what, why, when and how were answers that a befuddled Steele found hard to come by. Logic as well as Steele’s target Chameleon was equally elusive and time was quickly running out.The future of the United States as we know it was about to come tumbling down. If Chameleon had his way America would become a third world country in very short order.Steele was making headway; he had started to put the pieces together when this high stakes game took another surprising twist. Steele the hunter has now become the hunted. He was Chameleon’s prime target.Order your autographed copy of BLACKOUT here.BLACKOUT
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