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Getting the guts to live trueYou were born with a purpose. Yet sometimes what that purpose is, and how to integrate it into your everyday life can feel elusive.In this episode the fabulous Lissa Boles will share her wisdom of astrology, people, narratives and life to guide you in clarifying your path and bringing it to life. Her perspective focuses on understanding what is evolving and available to you, personally and collectively so you can maximize your potential and live in the Flow.Known as the Soul Mapper™, Lissa Boles is a professional optimist and CEO of SoulFullFilled Living, a group of companies dedicated to helping thought leadersanswer their deepest creative impulses—in business, in church, or on the yoga mat. Lissa goes light years beyond inspiration and motivation to reveal each client’s intended purpose path, breathing life into the sacred desire to create a world-changing legacy, particularly in business.In another life Lissa hosted the Sunday morning Small Business Big Ideas Show.
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