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Filed under: Video, Sci-Fi, Cinematical

Those crazy folks behind all the 'How It Should Have Ended' animated videos have returned with a funny animated short that offers up a logical alternate ending for the sci-fi flick 'District 9.' If you haven't seen 'District 9' yet, then you might not want to watch this video since it pretty much spoils the ending of the 2009 film. Oh, and if you haven't seen it, you probably shouldn't read the rest of this post either.

You'll remember how 'District 9' ended with Wikus transforming into a Prawn, while his Prawn buddies head back home after promising Wikus that they'd return one day with a little something special that should help him turn back into a human again. Meanwhile, Wikus is left hanging around with all the other nasty creatures, forced to give up his one true human love and assimilate into the alien race.

Well what if the film's ending actually included the part where Wikus' Prawn friends return to earth? And what if they returned with a little something more than a cure for Wikus? Check out the video after the jump ...

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