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A massive earthquake caused severe damage in Northeastern Japan. Francis and Chef are both safe and I thank everybody who has been helping Japan. To support the relief efforts, Cooking with Dog donated $10,000 (810,000JPY) to Doraemon Charity Fund. I have never seen this level of damage in Japan and I ask you sincerely for your help too. Please check the links below and find a way to donate. Any small amount is really appreciated. Thank you for all the caring comments. From the Creator of Cooking with DogGoogle Crisis Response Charity Fund for Natto-jiru(serves 2~3)50g Natto (1.76 oz)80g Daikon Radish (2.82 oz)30g Carrot (1.06 oz)100g Satoimo - Taro Potato (3.54 oz)2 Shiitake Mushrooms½ Aburaage - Deep-Fried Sliced Tofu2 Spring Onion Leaves2 tbsp Miso- Dashi Stock -500ml Water (2.11 us cup)10g Niboshi - Dried Baby Sardines (0.353 oz)<材料>2~3人分納豆:50g大根:80g人参:30g里芋:100g椎茸:2枚油揚げ:1/2枚万能ねぎ:2本みそ:大2(みその種類により多少違ってきます)だし汁:500ml(煮干し10g)