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Ring the dinner bell because Dinner For Fiends is back for a jam-packed feature length episode filled with everything from thoughtful to heated discussion. An often rowdy installment in which we debate and discuss ten different films, bust each other's chops whenever possible, and partake in one of the longest meditations on the merits of baby rape in podcast history.

Actually, the baby rape has to do with a fairly lengthy debate as too whether A Serbian Film goes to far. What? You didn't think we would actually advocate raping babies? Hey, it may be called Dinner for Fiends but we're not that fiendish.

Beware spoilers ahoy as Uncle Creepy, Matt Fini, Andrew Kasch, Foywonder, and Buz as we engage in boisterous discussion about the craziness of Anthony Hopkins in The Rite, the craptacular Season of the Witch, the wretchedness of The Roommate and Beastly, the strangeness of Rubber, the awesomeness of I Saw the Devil, the pros and cons of Battle: Los Angeles, and the unheralded unintentional comic masterpiece that is Red Riding Hood.

Plus, as special bonus attraction, Uncle Creepy and Matt Fini whip out their knives and duel to the death over whether Drive Angry 3D was fantastic or utter garbage. Two men enter. Two men leave. Kind of a letdown now that I think about it.

There's so much more packed into this overstuffed 90-minute episode. Grab your spork, put on you bib, and join us at the dinner table for a Dinner For Fiends smorgasbord.