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Transcript by Newsy.comBY BRANDON TWICHELLYou're watching multisource World news analysis from NewsyViolence continues in the streets of Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast, and has killed more than 200 people since the disputed presidential election in late November. Incumbent Laurent Gbagbo and challenger Alassane Ouattara both claimed victory in the election. (Video Source: Euronews)The United Nations recognizes Mr. Ouattara as the new legitimate president, so Mr. Gbagbo has called for the removal of the UN from the country. France 24 explains why.“According to him and his government, the UN mission has lost its legitimacy. In recent days, state media has also falsely accused peacekeepers of shooting at civilians. Gbagbo has barred peacekeepers from entering two districts loyal to Ouattara, where the UN fear the military have been punishing civilians.”But Mr. Gbagbo’s supporters aren’t the only ones guilty of violence. Al-Jazeera reports Mr. Ouattara’s supporters have attacked people fleeing the country to Liberia.“Some say they’ve been victims of a rebel group known as The New Power, which have been attacking anyone suspected of supporting Laurent Gbagbo. This refugee says, after the elections and after Ouattara won, the village knew he voted for Gbagbo. Since then he was told to leave or face attacks.”While the UN has promised to use its 10,000 troops in the country to take down roadblocks and keep the peace, many residents say they haven’t seen any peacekeepers. A UN military spokesman says the UN is only part of the peacekeeping mission.“Shakib insisted that ‘the mission is always the same, to protect civilians.’ But he also seemed to deflect some of the responsibility, saying Ivory Coast's ‘security forces always have the first line of responsibility against wrongdoers’ - a seeming non sequitur considering that the security forces were the ones to open fire on the neighborhood crowd.”Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
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