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AEI Event: "The APEC Summit: A Future for Transpacific Regionalism?" November 10, 2009 Event Description: President Obama will soon attend his first Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders' summit in Singapore, underscoring US engagement and commitment to the region. Unlike other regional institutions, the APEC forum provides an opportunity for the United States to participate in the policy dialogue of a dynamic, economically-diverse region of the world. This year's agenda includes significant attention to the current economic climate and to the reinforcement of the G20 summit measures for economic growth and recovery. Japan, the United States' most important ally in Asia, is set to host the 2010 APEC summit. The 2011 meeting will take place in the United States, providing the Obama administration with an excellent opportunity to shape the APEC agenda and ensure American influence in the region in the years to come. Will the Obama administration use this opportunity to define a US trade policy? Can the new administrations in Tokyo and Washington work together to set a regional agenda? Will the United States be able to create and assume a central role in APEC despite increased momentum toward an "Asian community"?