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The feeding of the five thousand by Jesus in Mark 8 gives us two powerful challenges, directions, and perspectives.

The first is what most Christians work on applying.  Taking time before the day begins to give Jesus every part of our day.  Placing everything in his hands and asking him to bless it.  Jesus then breaks it and gives it back to us to be nourished by.

The second perspective is that in our current day and age we are now the body of Christ.  We then rise from our knees as Jesus did and walk into the tumultuous activities of daily life.  God opens doors into people’s lives through their needs as we bump into them in various ways.

Jesus asked what people needed.  We follow his example as his body and also ask.  Jesus prayed for them as an example for to us to follow.  We pray and then step forward in faith in whatever way necessary.


This is the second mile this is being the salt and light that brings glory to God.