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Grab your putter, fire up the clay oven, bring up Lynx, and please keep your arms and legs in the car at all times.  We cover a lot of ground on this episode of Cheap Date...

We recap our Labor Day tournament at Putting Edge Mini Golf in Hoffman Estates. Glow-in-the-dark madness, we tell ya-- once they turned off the sad cowboy music.

You'll also hear how Fall is Lisa's favorite season, then Joe launches into the lyrics of "Season Cycle" from XTC's Skylarking album. Lisa counters by quoting the socially significant, heartfelt, and soul-touching lyrics of Fergie's "London Bridge."

Our Cheap Date this week is the Indian/Nepalese lunch buffet at Mt Everest in Evanston.  Let's sum it up by quoting Lisa: "Everything was my personal favorite."

For dessert (yeah, like we needed more food), we stopped at Homer's in Wilmette for some amazing ice cream.  We also give you a little primer on mochi.

If you're hungry after this half hour, blame us.

Tonight's episode is fueled in part by Longbranch Bloody Mary Zinger and Ketel One.

Thanks to the devilishly talented Ross for calling us to the table tonight!

And finally: we got around to recording our promos! Look for them in the column on the right, click and listen, or right-click and save!

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This week's running time: 35:22.