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Ingredients for Agedashi Tofu(serves 2)300g Firm Tofu (10.6 oz)5cm Daikon Radish (2 inch)A piece of Ginger4 Shishito PeppersPotato StarchFrying OilShichimi - Seven Flavor Chile Pepper- Sauce -150ml Kombu & Bonito Dashi Stock (5.07 fl oz)(Watch our "Mizore Nabe" video to make dashi stock from scratch or use packaged dashi)2 tbsp Soy Sauce2 tbsp Mirin材料<2人分>木綿豆腐:1丁(300g)大根:5cm生姜:適量(敢えて書くなら親指の先大)ししとうがらし:4本片栗粉:適量揚げ油:豆腐の半分がつかる程度の量七味唐辛子:お好みで<かけ汁> だし汁:150ml(昆布とかつお)(みぞれ鍋で作っただし汁を参考にして下さい。だしの素を使っても良いです。) しょう油:大2 みりん:大2** A tip to make delicious Agedashi Tofu is to fry immediately after they are coated with potato starch. If the starch becomes too damp with the tofu's moisture, the coating will easily come off the tofu.