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Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 58 with Lynnclaire Dennis, and the Music of Jackson and Shasta
Lynnclaire's fantastic new best-selling book, "The Pattern", describes her near-death experience that resulted in an extraordinary vision. The "Pattern", a luminous rainbow-hued form with no beginning or end, consisting of three loops intersecting and surrounding a 144-faceted sphere—thought to be the very essence of all being—the core of all substance. The pattern is an archtypical symbol that embraces a multitude of religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs into one unified vision of acceptance and love. Jackson, a singer/songwriter/musician of extraordinary beauty and grace, established the Foundation for Divine Living, a non-profit organization dedicated to Divine-Self-Realization. His presence and example helps awaken the ever-present God-Consciousness potential within every Heart. His collected works are entitled, "Unconditional Love & The Way: An Adventurer's Guide Into Life, Consciousness and Being". Shasta, also a singer/songwriter of uplifting and inspiring spirit, loves exploring the mediums of song, dance, and the word to express Divine Beauty and Joy in human form. Her aspiration is to fully embody and teach the Golden Universal Truths and the ways of Unconditional Love. Bridging's website is: Bridging's International Healing Art Project website is: www.HeavenToEarthArt.comFrom:bridgingheavenViews:130ratingsTime:59:36More inEntertainment