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Tonight on Whispers we welcome Herb Street and Steven Myers to the program.

Paranormal investigator Herb Street claims to have developed a method of contact with the other side that he calls “The Herb Street Method” which he says allowed “contact with the other side for hours”. He will discuss this method and how he developed it. He will also discuss the upcoming Whispers Ghost hunt at the WV State Pen and what he’ll be doing there.

Steven Myers will discuss his new book, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid, that contend that the Great Pyramid was built using water locks and the Great Pyramid is a water pump. Myers feels that the Great Pyramid is not just an irrelevant ancient structure. He contends that the Great Pyramid was built using advanced technologies which need to be redeveloped in our modern age. The most important aspect of this book is the contention that these ancient, but highly advanced technologies, can vastly improve our modern world.

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