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I have to say I don’t cover the artier/experimental side of mashups and cutup culture as much as I’d like to, but here’s definitely one release to make up for that – the second volume of Motown Meltdown. I loved the first volume ever since I heard it via Vicki People Like Us’s Do or DIY show and played a Blanketship track from it a couple of years ago.

This new volume carries on the humour and ambience of the first, the idea being that you can only use tracks from the Motown Masters Karaoke discs (yes you might have wondered where those many Motown mashups come from, well they released Karaoke discs made of the actual master tracks, that’s how!) and nothing else. The resulting Vol 2. goes from insane brokenbreaks glitch of Vytear to achingly sad tracks from Blanketship, to more hypnagogic drones from Beaks Plinth and manic cutups and loops of T H E M A Y S and Lord Tang. Definitely not Motown as you’ve heard it before!

My choices? Well ‘I Still Hate You…_ Lavender Dreams’ by Blanketship is definitely recommended as well as these two:

Since I Decided to Go by Rokhausen – a manic jive through the Motortown’s back catalogue, humorous and funky and mad. My kind of track – fuck art let’s dance

Qulfus – Three Times Twice – I have several factors for why I choose the music for the blog and podcast, one of them is definitely if it makes me laugh. This is probably some kind of profane sacrilege dissing The Lionel but I love the slowed down re-edit/retake of the Commodore’s ever-green (and admittedly slightly mouldy) classic. Brilliant

If you like download the whole album here.

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