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Can’t think of a clever thematic linking device apart from there is no mention of the World Cup or football in this po….DOH! Have an unrelated yet topical Chris Brown MAD cartoon mashup instead…

I should be so getting sick of Lady Gaga mashups by now, but no not yet. I was getting ready to hate Pomatic’s Thieves Like Romance Lady Gaga vs New Order mashup (well so few people do New Order justice, much abused in the mash world but rarely bettered) and was surprised to find out that’s it’s a total POP CHOON (Ian Act of Dog and Jeb 50 Pound Note please report to the front desk! beep!) mashing Thieves Like Us and Bad Romance to great effect.

In fact it’s part of a whole album ‘The Fame Monster Mash Hitz’ (title could be slightly better, C- see me!) and it’s pretty good – nothing here crossing genres or experimental like the last post but with tunes like Just Summer – Bananarama vs Lady Gaga (Cruel Summer vs Just Dance) it’s less about cred envelope-pushing and just recognising a good dancefloor-friendly totally pop mashup – which I remind you is quite hard to pull off well especially pure A vs B. And these two do that well – good summer pop mashups.

Unwanted Whisper by The Kleptones

Kleptones are off to several festies this year, including i_beta festival in the Netherlands and Glastonbury – and afore thee went they left us with a nice present, Unwanted Whisper a reversal mashup of their infamous Bootie track ‘Careless Or Dead’ – rather than using the George Michael instrumental this uses the acapella, and vice versa for the Jon Bon Jovi. Strange to hear this combo reversed, but it also works but in a less immediate way than Careless.

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