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Enya vs Prodigy – Apeboy (Lenlow edit – censored version) from Purple McFadden on Vimeo.

Amazed that the this hadn’t been properly videomashed – there are some rather odd ones out there (using another band’s video for starters – Tiamat’s video is the one used for MTV Mash, strangely!) and I thought this deserved the classic proper A vs B treatment since it’s a classic A vs B from way back (1999 originally). So here’s the Instamatic video for the Bastard/Bootie fave Enya – Orinoco Flow vs Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up originally by Apeboy and recreated and extended by Lenlow.

Of course given then nature of the original Prodigy video it’d not pass the ‘no nudity/sexual nudity’ guidelines for YouTube or Vimeo so ironically I can show the violence but not the sex…but you can see the uncensored version below from my site, even share/embed it. Of course it’s NSFW containing sex, violence, drug use and all kinds of fun stuff!

Hate to edit it for that but then I can’t put it on YT or Vimeo..silly. You kind of miss the point of the original Prodigy video too since that end reveal shows the protagonist naked thus makes it seem possibly more gratuitous. Grr.

At the top is the censored version if you’re squeamish about posting the first, still fairly adult (the Prodigy video is still pretty hardcore even with edits; it was banned on MTV so be warned) but shouldn’t be anything there you couldn’t show on UK evening TV, in fact a lot less probably and tame for most of the internets now.

*Video:enya vs prodigy uncensored

If you want a downloadable version of the uncensored one for your iPod etc you can download it here.

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