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new.LittleLoca.TV Grab the song from iTunes! http Song created and written by Stevie Ryan Song produced, shot and edited by Adam Scott Franklin Wardrobe provided by Pegah Sasani Homegirls: Monique Preher Jillian Preher Cambria Serrano Natalia Mantini Lizzie Magana Reyna from Hairroin Salon, LA Antonio - Mauricio Sanchez Maria - Sarah Morrison LYRICS My homegirls is hot but they ain't ho's Who needs a beat when your booty just goes Don't hate up on my honey because I stole your bee I'd leave your leeching ass too if I could be with me American Idol Reject, because you think that you can sing? Only ho's date for four years and don't get a ring For once keep your clothes on, you should hide what's underneath Because I saw your sex tape and your coochie looks like roast beef Too bad boobs ain't brain cells, you'd have a whole three Get back to waitin' tables, servin' beer and chicken wings Scandalous Hood Rat, errybody hit that you a scandalous hood rat Scandalous hood rat, all my homegirls know that you a scandalous Yeah, we all saw your nudes, you looked fat and full of gas Your parents might have paid for school but they never bought you class Instead of buying food you should have bought a gym pass And I can tell you like Horchata by the size of your ass The jealous ex-girlfriend, an insecure basket case She can't except the fact its over and that she has been erased I know you stalk my facebook, my YouTube, and MySpace ...