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WARNING: The following Video contains Graphic Autopsy Descriptions. It is advised that no attempt to view it be done by the Squeamish. Everyone else may find a Giggle or two!This is an in-depth look at the stunning piece of fiction known as "The Michael Jackson Autopsy Report". Open your mind and see the truth, Michael is ALIVE!Sources:TMZ:The 51 Page PDF Michael Jackson Autopsy Report Los Angeles County, Department of the Coroner Michael Jackson's Final Hours: A Timeline Flumazenil Information on Various Medications Daily Mail: Michael Jackson has managed TWO of 45 rehearsals Online Dictionary Cover-Up in Michael Jackson Death? Jackson Doc Had Propofol Sent to GF's Place Michael Jackson -- The Urination Explanation Jackson - 'That's How He Peed' Lung Disorder Respiratory Bronchiolitis Today: Lung Disorder Respiratory Bronchiolitis's Herbal Homepage: Lung Disorder Interstitial Pneumonia Lung Disorder Squamous metaplasia & Intravascular Eosinophilia Causes of Brain Swelling UCLA Hospital News: Protocol for Collecting Blood Amples at UCLA Medical Centre George Gershwin Gershwin Song "It Ain't Necessarily So"