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Ingredients for Mizore Nabe(serves 2)- Dashi Stock -1000ml Water (4.23 u.s. cup)4 pieces of Kombu Kelp (2"x2"/5x5cm)20g Katsuobushi Shavings - Bonito Flakes (0.705 oz)- Soup for Mizore Nabe -500ml Dashi Stock (2.11 u.s. cup)1 tbsp Sake1 tbsp Mirin1/2 tsp Salt2 tbsp Usukuchi Soy Sauce (saltier and lighter in color than koikuchi)4 OystersA piece of unsalted SalmonA piece of unsalted Pacific CodSaltA piece of GingerPotato StarchFrying Oil5 slices of Carrot (1/8"/3mm thick)1 Naganegi - Long Green Onion (Tokyo Negi)3 Shiitake Mushrooms50g Shimeji Mushrooms (1.76 oz)60g Seri - Japanese Parsley (2.12 oz)300g Daikon Radish (10.6 oz)1/2 Silken Tofu (150g/5.29 oz)2 Kirimochi - Square Rice Cake1 block of Frozen Udon Noodles- Seasonings -Yuzukosho - Yuzu Peel Chili Pepper Paste1 Yuzu Citrus FruitShichimi - Seven Flavor Chili Pepper** Mizore is "sleet" in Japanese and the grated daikon radish looks like "sleet" in the hot pot, which is the reason why we call this recipe "Mizore Nabe." Yuzukosho is the peel of the yuzu added with chili pepper paste. The used kombu for dashi stock can be chopped into fine pieces and used for miso soup and takikomi gohan, a type of Japanese mixed rice. The used bonito flakes can be boiled with sake, mirin, soy sauce and sugar and soy sauce and when the stock is reduced, it can be used for the filling of onigiri or added as a condiment with steamed rice.<材料>昆布とかつおの出し・水:5C(1000ml)・出し昆布(今回は日高産):5cm角4枚・削り節:20g鍋のスープ・昆布とかつおの出し:2.5C・酒:大1・みりん:大1・塩:小1/2・薄口しょうゆ:大2・牡蠣:大4粒・鮭:1切れ(塩をしていないもの)・真だら:1切れ (塩をしていないもの)・塩:適量・生姜:1かけ・片栗粉:適量・揚げ油・人参:3mm厚さの輪切り5枚分・長ねぎ:1本・生椎茸:3枚・しめじ:1/2袋(50g)・せり:半束(60g)・大根:300g・絹ごし豆腐:半丁(150g)・切りもち(市販):2個・冷凍うどん:1玉薬味・柚子こしょう:適量・ゆず:1個(皮のみ使用)・七味:適量