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My Forums (really cool): Please Register to get ALL the updates and have a great time!, and also SUBSCRIBE to get all the awesome news. =) Hey! It has been a while since my last video. So I decided to show you some of my AWESOME recent work. ;) So... People said it was impossible to hack a match you don't host. Well, in this video, I am showing it is completely POSSIBLE! :D As you can see, I was not the host of this match. Also, these hacks are NEW. Invisible Mode is finally here! =D And also Invincible Mode! The difference between Invincible and Infinite Health is that you don't get affected by ANYTHING, it is like you weren't there (I mean, you don't recieve the impacts). The codes work anywhere, it doesn't matter if I am hosting the match or not. All the codes in this video were made by me. By the way, I was playing as Zeatnolt. One of my real nicknames. You'll soon know more about me, but you'll need to SUBSCRIBE! :O I will upload some montages of me using these awesome hacks! They are REALLY fun and funny, you know? Hahaha. What? Are you asking me if I will release the codes?, Once I reach 5000 Subscribers, EVERY subscriber will be able to vote on my forums to decide if I will release them or not. So it can be fare. ;) So, do not forget to visit my cool forums!
  1. whats the hacks?

  • whats the hacks?