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DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. All source material belongs to their respective owners; no profit is being made out of this video.This vid is for 'Antiquitydreams' and her household :] She send me a message talking about this song and she was genuinely lovely and friggin' nice to me that it was really a pleasure to make this vid for her. I took a bit of time to make it with holiday and family stuff to do so I wanna say sorry for the delay.I cut the song coz I couldn't find any others scenes to put here. Cas should appear more on spn to make easier our lifes :P Oh and this one isn't SO slash coz my brothers were making my head in with their bashing. lolEven though this is a short vid I hope you and you Cas/Dean fans like it. *cross fingers*Dean: That's my boy. **** I had to put this coz Cas is certainly Dean's pretty boy angel :PMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys (although belated) :D