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Visit the website: http://www.electronicschinawholesale.comYou will find much more.Communicate in style and have the sexiest phone in the palm of your hand. Unraveling this stylish unlocked GSM slide mobile phone that comes with dual SIM slots and a bonus 2GB micro SD card.Exuberant aesthetics merging design and performance into a single cellphone. This slide mobile phone is not to be taken lightly. Built with high grade aluminum and an internal integrated firmware allowing for a completely new style of navigational menu infrastructure. Above all, this diamond in the rough cellphone comes completely unlocked, and works on the global four frequencies 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. Meaning, world wide GSM connectivity.With its attractive looks and excellent performance, the front screen menu system is designed for simple accessibility of the cell phones functions to make things easy for the end user. If you are looking for a mobile phone that simply stands out from the rest, but still retains power, performance, style and the overall essential aspects of today’s digital cell phones, then look no further. The CVEM-M67 is the perfect cell phone for you. The Europa comes with a mini SD card slot, hands free Bluetooth communication, and features two SIM card slots, allowing you to use two active phone numbers in one single mobile phone.Besides its primary functions of enhanced communication, you can also use the cellphones media feature set to listen to FM radio, take photos with the built in camera, and use this mobile phone as an MP3 player to listen to your favorite tunes. In addition, the easy to use intuitive menu interface gives you easy access to all the onboard communication features with dedicated keys for faster accessibility. The user menu icons are distributed around the screen just like numbers on an analog clock. By pressing the right button, the menus around the screen will rotate clockwise and, when you press left, the screen rotates anti-clockwise.Users can take comfort in the fact that this phone comes with one of the most sought after features in today's cellphones, that is vibration feedback on user input commands, along with caller ring tone, video and picture. When you slide the cellphone screen down, a very attractive image of a classic analog watch appears on the screen with date, time and day, adding to the special look of this cellphone. The feel of this mobile phone in the palm of your hand is extremely comfortable, that you will instantly find yourself mastering the use of the entire menu feature set in no time.Don't delay, click "Add to Cart" right away and in a few days you could be the proud owner of this state of the art digital dual SIM unlocked quad band mobile masterpiece! Brought to you by the leader in factory direct China electronics - Chinavasion.At a Glance...■Slide Phone■Backlight key Pad■Dual SIM, Dual Standby■Interactive Menu interface■Quadband, works world wide■Heavy gauge aluminum casing■Fully unlocked digital cell phone■Beautiful design, very fashionable■Comes with Bonus 2GB Micro SD CardVisit the website: http://www.electronicschinawholesale.comYou will find much more.
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