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Can a Christian be a Freemason?This is one of those frequently asked questions that regularly gets an airing either on Christian radio or in church circles.Another question asked, is Freemasonry Christian?So I must answer an emphatic NO to both questions, but also try to perhaps qualify why the Born Again Christian can never seek membership to be a Mason or any other secret society. Or even wish to do so.Regrettably, however was the fact that former Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher was indeed a practising mason all his life.The Church of England has long had the problem of how to deal with Freemasons in their broad church. Rowan Williams, whose father was in the Craft, used to block the promotion of practising Masonic bishops, before he was promoted to Canterbury.In Martin Short's book, 'Inside the Brotherhood' he shares the following account of one Anglican Primate who wasn't happy to learn of a Masonic burial in an Anglican Church:"......I found that the words 'Jesus Christ' were omitted from the prayers and the word 'Architect' substituted. Worse still, the cross was to be removed from the altar.... I thought that in this case it would be better for the service to take place in a Masonic temple....this line I took stirred up a hornets' nest. I was warned that I had offended important benefactors and that the diocese would suffer financially. It might have done so" (pgs. 76, 77.)"Secret societies must be either Christian, non-christian, or anti-Christian", wrote George L. Hunt in his book 'Secret Societies'. Although this statement was written over a hundred years ago it's meaning is just as relevant today, if not more so!(In recent years the Masons have tried hard to reinvent their battered and tarnished image, by allowing members of the press and public to come and visit their Lodges, during out of hours. One recent Masonic newsletter that was sent to me, had the following quote, about the need for more "good news" stories, from the local press: "...Now that we are achieving good coverage in the local press we are looking to other means of spreading the good news about Freemasonry." This same publication boasted of the numerous good works that they do in their areas, with the sum raised by them, for the years 2004/2005 being 200,037. It would appear that they are trusting in their own righteousness, not Jesus' to receive Eternal Life (Rom. 10:1-4.)
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