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Mluvi k vam robot (A Robot is Talking to You) is a song written in 1979 by Alexander Goldscheider with words by Michael Zantovsky (who became a top Czech politician/diplomat after the Velvet Revolution of 1989). This is a video from Hitsarada, a popular hit-parade at the time. The song was one of the first sung through a Vocoder and whilst it portrayed well the voice of a Robot, the lyrics are a thinly veiled accusation against the hegemony of Soviet Union at the time: the Robot promises heaven on earth, only to rule and dominate later....It is not without interest that the word "robot" was conceived by a Czech writer Karel ÄŒapek for his play R.U.R, which gave inspiration to the lyrics of the song - only ÄŒapek in the 1930's warned before the "friendly" robots, without any other allegory...For any further details, contact www.romantic-robot..comThanks for looking!