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DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. All source material belongs to their respective owners; no profit is being made out of this video.*PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION*So I've heard this song in a fabulous PiepMiau03's vid and I just got hooked on it. I was going to make a McDean vid with this but while I was listening to it I thought of Cas and Dean (What?! yo una Cas/Dean addicted?! Nah :P)Anyways let me try explain the AU-ish story (my english is rubbish so please don't roll your eyes at the misspelling, grammar or whatever other mistake hehe). My intention was to show what Cass would do for Dean. What he would do to fight for their love.In this story Dean is pretty much The Dean we all know (a sexy gorgeous hunter lol :P) the only difference is that he never got around to make the deal with the crossroad demon. So Dean in Hell doesn't exist here. Angels and demons are fighting for the control of the earth. Dean as in spn is a powerful weapon to the angel's side since he is Michael's vessel. The angels sent Castiel to keep an eye on Dean to make sure demons won't know about the vessel thing. It was a ordinary task to Cass but the only thing he didn't know was that he would have begun to express emotions to the human in his charge. Not knowing how to control his feelings Cass end up lying to Dean introducing himself as an hunter. So since the day they met at a bar both of them knew they would have more than a lad's friendship. They started having a serious romance, for a while they had a great life together but things are not that easier. The day planed to Michael take control of Dean's body was still on the angel's plan so Cass was torn between - have a few more happy years with Dean or lose Dean forever by telling him the whole true about his real identity and the angel's plan that way having the chance to be completely honest with Dean. Hmm so the rest of the story it's on the vid. If you think something wasn't clear about the story don't hesitate to ask. Like my professor always said 'You might understand your own work but it doesn't mean others will' .Maybe there are some parts of the Au-ish story that it's only in my head and I don't even noticed. So if at some point you make a 'huh?!' face and wanna know what I was trying to show just send me a message :]Probably someone wrote a fic with this type of story so if you have good recs please send me. I' m learning to enjoy reading Cas/Dean fics :P"a love story...hides a... secret"Castiel: We need to talk, Dean.Dean: What's wrong Cass?!Castiel: I'm an angel of the lord.Dean: You're lying.Castiel: I'm so sorry.Castiel: Heaven, hell...None of that matters. The only thing that's important to me is you.Dean: I just don't...I don't think that we can ever be what we were.Dean: I just don't think I can trust you.Dean: I need you Cass."Fight for us"Dean: Please!Castiel: I do that, we will all be hunted. We'll all be killed.Dean: If there is anything worth dying for...This is it.