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Alien Creatures,Giant Insects & Mad ScientistsThere is no question that the 1950s were a "golden age" for a lot of things. Baseball, TV, Rock & Roll...and Science Fiction. Herein you will hear clips from the 10 best science fiction films of the 1950s. You are welcome to argue the list.Sci-Fi films of the'50s preyed on three dominant fears of the era; The "alien-from-another-planet" theme was fueled by Roswell and the Cold War; "Giant insects" were nightmarish distortions of our fears that insects would deplete our food supply (hence the heavy use of DDT); And "Mad Scientists," although not a new theme, was refueled by a giant, decade-long leap in scientific research, not to mention the sudden popularity of Dr Spock and Sigmund Freud.